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A possible reconstruction from Meiggs and Lewis is shown as well.

The name "Egesta" is in the larger letters at the end of the first line.

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The alliance has been dated as 458/7 or 454/3 or 418/17 BCE (Fornara, 20). Evidence for the first two dates is discussed and then the claims of letter-form analysis.

Evidence for the third date is discussed and the question of Thucydides' silence about the alliance is raised.

Competition indicates advertising competition for a query based on number of ads displayed for keyword searches on major search engines.

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The consequence of the alliance for Sicilian politics is discussed.

The marble inscription The top three lines of the stele (Wick, 1995:plate XXIII) are given below showing its 48 character stoichedon (grid) pattern and the worn character of the marble.

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