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Mötley Crüe** singer Vince Neil and Axl Rose have a beef. [alternative text](/content/images/2016/04/Axl-Rose-v.-Vince-Neil.jpg) Neil claimed in a *Kerrang!* article that he punched guitarist Izzy Stradlin after he reportedly “messed” with Vince’s mud-wrestler wife.

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It incited numerouslawsuits and was censored in the People’s Republic of China. The album was the first follow-up to 1993’s and featured only Axl and keyboardist Dizzy Reed from the original Guns N’ Roses lineup. Rose recently told a fan (as reported on ) he was planning to do a whole tour after these few dates. [alternative text](/content/images/2016/04/Axl-Rose-Chinese-Democracy-tour.jpg) Axl spent over million on the 2008 album Chinese Democracy making it the most expensive album ever produced. The band announced just six performances at Coachella Music and Arts Festival, T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and Foro Sol in Mexico City this April.Neil claimed in his book [*The Dirt*](

id=hxy_3Re RPi0C) that “Axl chickened out,” which was a shame because “the only thing that would have given [him] more pleasure than a No.

GNR guitarist DJ Ashba, however, told : “I don’t think they are dating.

Axl is a really cool dude and he likes hanging out with cool people.

I think that they were probably just buddy buddy hanging out.” Either way, imagine being such a super fan you get to be buddy buddy with Axl Rose!

She’s been snapped wearing a Guns N’ Roses t-shirt Much derision when Justin Bieber was recently photographed wearing a Marilyn Manson t-shirt.

1 record was breaking Axl Rose’s nose.” Axl was born in 1962 in Lafayette, Indiana, to a teenage mother, Sharon Rose. His mother remarried a Pentecostal preacher, Reverend L. The Pentecostal doctrine supported speaking in tongues.