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Or, just click on this Wiradjuri Collection Items link: https://au/communities/wiradjuri-0The collection includes Rev. (Sydney, 1875) 'Kamilaroi and other Australian Languages'. Our exclusive educational native programs are shared with schools, universities, libraries, organizations and other groups and institutions throughout the world.Please visit our website for a complete list and video highlights from each film.Is anyone able to advise me of how to conduct a service for my foster brother that would be in keeping with his heritage, and to ensure that he is at peace. The only dates I have for her are that she was born before 1830, and died after 1852. She was the mother of Thomas Blackman ( born in 1842 or 1843) in Cooyal, Mudgee. I am looking for any information regarding Mary Ann Fletcher, of the Kamilaroi tribe.

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She would like to share her research with others, so if you belong to this family and wish to know more, contact the editor and i will pass your email on to Janice. New evidence is being published in a book by Carol Baxter, a lecturer in History at the University of New England, published by Allen & Unwin that Mary Ann actually lived 4 more decades and the quoted death at present was another half Aboriginal lady that Thunderbolt had an affair with.

The group is called the Adam Lewis Hunter Williams Watson Herring Group. John BOLGERand Mary Ann CAHALAN4-Lillian Florence May BOLGER b. Baxter claims Mary Ann had 15 children in all and died as Mary Ann Burrows of Mudgee in 1905.

As mentioned here are the links: Stephanie Ryan, State Library of Queensland, where the Colonial Secretary records are kept for New South Wales.

Also, if you go to the Rediscovering Indigenous Languages website home page link: https://au/ Then, click on the 'Communities' tab at the top of the page, go to page 3 and you'll find the Wiradjuri tab.

Please respect the right of freedom of expression, the need of people to find their roots and the benefits of doing so.

Please respect the people seeking family contact simply for their wish to find out where they belong.. Please quote the heading plus the enquirer's first name.I have been told Thomas fathered Louisa and Mary Adams was Aboriginal, Louisa Adams/Jones/Lewis left William Lewis and had a child with a John Hunter in 1833 her name was Hannah Hunter, Also Louisa is said to of married a man William Hanchett. My grandmother was born around 1925 and grew up on a farm in Bowral.He was 20 years younger than her and had a daughter to him. Vera Heinz also had two sons to a white man with the last name Heinz.For an emailed list of Births, Deaths and Marriages Aboriginal records, please contact the administrator.Hello Diane, Thank you for your time this morning over the phone.The purpose of this webpage is to help Aboriginal families find their family, their grass roots, and their pride in being Aboriginal.