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Aside from the intimacy of seeing Chris Botti at the Blue Note, this may have been the best Botti show I've seen, sans orchestra. No disrespect to my colleagues at Station Casinos but you simply cannot beat an orchestra hall. I put my foot in my mouth (shocker, I know) by saying to him something like, "Go kick some ass tonight!

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His earliest musical influence was his mother, a classically trained pianist and part-time piano teacher.He started playing the trumpet at nine-years-old, and committed to the instrument at age 12 when he heard Miles Davis play "My Funny Valentine".Their staff was amazing and gives me ideas on how to improve the arena. His temperament makes the rest of us want to make friends with our seat-mates. At my first 2 shows I was so vain as to think it was me who made this happen; the people sitting next to me wanted to talk to me because I was so charming. I sat next to an amazing couple who couldn't say enough about Botti.Granted, they've prob only got 50 employees and I have over 300 but given the way they took care of me, I learned a great lesson. Only they know what I mean when I say a sincere, "Thank you." Botti is a ridiculously great performer. It wasn't until 4-6 shows later that I realized it was him who made this environment happen. "I told my grandson I was going to see Chris Botti. " He wanted to bring him to the show to let him hear a different genre of music but it wasn't to be… They were prob 55-ish, successful, articulate, adorable, unpretentious & fun. It's not often you see this calibre of concert-goer at, say, Deadmau5. there were some regular faves like The Very Thought of You (with 'the snaps'), Hallelujah, The Look of Love & My Funny Valentine & Nessun Dorma but he also had some of his new stuff from the album Impressions.Chris Botti in Boston features trumpeter Chris Botti along with a bevy of name artists performing live with the Boston Pops Orchestra at Symphony Hall in 2008.

Fully documented as a concert film and album, the night is an intimate and soulful birds-eye view of the supple-toned trumpeter who has grown into his role as a virtuoso since his time backing up Sting -- who of course appears here.and received three nominations in 2010 for the live album Chris Botti In Boston. He was born in Portland, Oregon and raised in Corvallis, although he also spent two years of his childhood in Italy. Coming to prominence with the 2001 recording of his Night Sessions album, Botti established a reputation as a versatile musician in both jazz and pop music for his ability to fuse both styles together.Yes, he's a genius at the trumpet, grammy nominee, sought-after entertainer, blah blah blah - but what makes him a great 'performer' is his relationship with his audience. As many times as I've seen Botti, I never bore of him. I will never pay for a Botti show anywhere else in Vegas unless he's playing the Smith. Botti's tour manager Jeremy was nice enough to give me a quickie tour of the place before the show and do a quick M&G with his artist.It's like peeps following the Grateful Dead or Dave Matthews or 311 - only we bathe & don't smoke pot.