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Kind off novel I thought or was it something that she did regularly ? She felt that maybe all men, deep down inside, were just like the “creeps” who came into the club.

We wound up leaving the club around midnight and I spent the night at my date’s house. Later the next day I sent a text to Becky who responded almost immediately. She wanted me to take care of her, as in financially, so she could quit the club. For whatever reason, we connected very well, and the sex was great, so we continued to see each other for a couple of weeks but it started to go bad.

She's used to pretending that she's alright so that no problems would arise from her feelings.

I wound up in the strip club from a double date I was on with a woman I had met online and another couple who invited us.It was not my first choice for a date, but I took one for the team.I certainly wasn’t going to say no to the 3 way, which was amazing, but that was going to do it for me as far as seeing Becky. And about 3 weeks after that I got a call from her crying saying she had been arrested, been in a car accident and just wanted to talk.I agreed to see her one more time, wow what a damaged woman.In the new couple stage, you’re supposed to be getting to know all of the little things about each other that you didn't know before.

It should be a time full of laughs, sleepovers, ice cream runs, spontaneous adventures, and new favorite shows on Netflix, not full of stubbornness, confusion, tears, or periods of silence.

She isn’t used to feeling like she can be herself in front of a boy that she cares about.

She isn't used to feeling accepted for all that she is, the good and the bad.

Maybe she mentioned to you that her last relationship didn’t end well.

Or, maybe she didn’t have to say anything, but through her actions and attitude, you’re able to gather bits and pieces about her painful past.

One night we agreed to meet another one of her dancer friends who was into drugs.