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Players are expected to "escape" by solving 10 - 12 problems in 60 minutes.

The center also has a snack bar, game room and free Wi Fi in the lobby for waiting patrons, and meeting rooms for events and parties.

Their son and manager Jason Coles also tried it with his friends at a bachelor party in Memphis and was excited by the idea of starting a game center in the area.

"There's not really anything people can go and do in Springfield other than go out to eat," Jason Coles said.

To play, people can make a reservation online or walk-in.

Reservations are a safe way to be sure there is an open room.

It's free and no phone number or email is required to start chatting with new people.

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While things might get weird and sometimes uncomfortable, truth or dare is often really funny as well.

By the time I was five I had discovered the magic of cinema and between free Sunday movies at the local matinee and writing every day my head was filled with magic and adventure.

When I was nine, I got to meet several of my literary and cinematic heroes while visiting a Hollywood talent agency and was given this timeless advice: “If you truly want to be an artist, never give up and always strive to do a better job, to tell a better story.” Walking away with autographed memorabilia and a mission in life, I continued writing while starting to make my own home movies using a secondhand video recorder.