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Extremely attractive and successful people use online dating, sure, but do a sense check before you get too involved. Beware if they want to get you off the site immediately If your match requests that you move to online chat or personal email straight away, beware.

Scammers want to get you off the site before their accounts can be deleted.

This could include being overly intimate on email, adopting pet names for you straight away, and also telling you that they love you. Email our Risk Management team at [email protected]

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To put it simply, Oil Traders are commodities traders who buy and sell crude oil on behalf of a third party.They may also sell ‘futures contracts’, for those who wish to buy a certain amount at a pre-determined date in the future.Potential clients for Oil Traders include energy companies, investment firms, private businesses, or any other organisation with in an interest in acquiring large quantities of oil.Salary: Somewhere between £50,000 and £70,000, not taking into account the lucrative bonuses available.Salary: Between £50,000 and £70,000, as a rough estimate.

Working exclusively in the downstream process of the oil and gas industry, Refining Engineers design, install and oversee oil refineries, ensuring that they continue to run smoothly, safely, and consistently maintain their quality output.But, scammers will often say they are abroad for two main reasons: – Many scams are operated out of Nigeria, and sometimes other African countries such as the Ivory Coast and Ghana.Some scammers will be blatant about where they are located – If a scammer says they are in the Army, on an oil rig, or a doctor/nurse working abroad, then this is a very convenient excuse as to why they can’t call you, are online at strange hours, or disappear for weeks on end. If they seem too good to be true, they probably are If the person you are talking to online looks like a supermodel, claims to be incredibly rich and successful and is very charming then it’s always worth remembering the old adage about things being ‘too good to be true’.They also want as many personal details from you as possible.If you’re not sure about them, request to communicate through the site and tell them you’re not ready to give out your personal details yet. But ultimately, if alarm bells ring, stop all communication immediately. Beware if they tell you they love you straight away Scammers often target people they think are more vulnerable, and then try very hard to get that person to fall for them virtually.Never, ever, EVER send money to someone you’ve not met This might seem obvious, it might even seem stupid that we’re pointing this out, but in most cases the scam is based around the victim sending money, or providing their bank details to the scammer.