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Lady D,all we can say is many thanks and blessings to you.

Featuring a garden and a shared lounge, this shared maisonette features accommodation in Kampala with access to free Wi Fi and lake views.

Housed in a building dating from 2016, this apartment is 2.7 km from Lake Beach (Speke Resort) and 3.3 km from Rainbow International School.

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In Southern Africa artists were ancestors of modern Bushmen / San forager-hunters, Khoe herders and Bantu-speaking farmers.

Rock art sites with more than 100 images are very common and sites with over 1000 images not uncommon especially in South Africa, Namibia and the Sahara. Most of North Africa's rock art is found in the Sahara Desert, in Egypt, Chad, Libya, Niger, Algeria, Mali, Morocco and Mauritania.

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In north Africa the earliest works a few measuring over 8 metres in height and superbly crafted were made by Stone-age hunter-gatherers with no knowledge of writing.

Later paintings and engravings in the Sahara were made by negroid and Berber pastoralists and in Central and eastern Africa by ancestors of Twa and Sandawe / Hadza-type foragers.

Every continent, except Antarctica, has rock art, but Africa has more rock art and the greatest diversity of art of any of them. Almost every country in Africa has rock art but the greatest concentrations occur in north Africa's Sahara desert and in Southern Africa.