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I think she could definitely be Miss CT some day but she has to be strong in all phases and really work on Interview and public speaking.

(NT) -- No name, 06/12/18 Tue I don't think anybody could have beaten Bridget this year. (NT) -- No name, 06/12/18 Tue I'm trying to remember who was the last Miss to be first RU two years in a row (like Savannah).

Her talent was great, her SS wasn't the best but still very good, and I loved that simple elegant gown she wore. I'm not sure but I think it was that tapper who was (I believe) runner up to Marla then Nikki.

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Our feeling was the last one she modeled was a bit dated and too low cut in the back for a teen and the top is more for a Miss, We also didn't feel it fit her in a flattering way support wise and the shear top could be a risk for teen.