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The UX330UA is available in several specifications, with the one of test here the most common in the UK.

The model on review is the Core i7, 512GB, 3,200 x 1,800 resolution screen edition.

I don’t have any issues with the screen’s viewing angles, but in a very tight space – on a plane, for example – I’d want the screen to bend back much further than it does to keep things comfortable.

The HP Spectre suffers exactly the same problem, so Asus isn’t alone here.

Asus has absolutely nailed the 3,200 x 1,800 resolution panel on the UX330UA.

It’s rated as covering 100% s RGB gamut and a mighty impressive 72% NTSC gamut coverage, which is a wide and challenging colour space.This ultrabook weighs just 1.2kg and will slide into any bag with its svelte 12.5mm figure.Those are pretty noticeable reductions on last year’s model, which weighed in at 1.4kg and was what now appears to be a rather portly 19mm thick.In tests, my calibrator put the screen at 99.4% s RGB coverage and 70% NTSC coverage. Contrast is slightly lower than I’d have like thanks to slightly elevated black levels. The only negative about the screen experience is the hinge, which is both slightly wobbly and doesn’t bend nearly as far back as I’d like.On my lap, the display wobbled visibly with every keystroke, which isn’t ideal on a premium laptop.Testing requires the approval of at least one Level 4 personnel.