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I believe the single "REVILLE" label dates to 1919-1929. it's in great condition inside and out with the only issue to mention is the slight oxidation of the ribbon (mostly at the back) and ever so slightly onto the back gold lace, but as the lace is moddled in design, you hardly see an issue.

I have owned this dress in my private collection for over 20 years.

Of all the things I sell, I think 1920s flapper headpieces are my favorite. Chigot" complete with the original silk lining and a small piece of the original price tag attached. Chigot was, but there are still a few of his signed pieces found when googling. Otherwise, this dress only needs some minor sewing. The black beading on this overdress gives the look of a 20s necklace hanging down the front... Black silk satin (good weight) gown with ivory net lace "underskirt" to about knee length, with a different embroidered black net lace over that to about ankle length. The interior isn't too bad, but at the upper portion of the interior lining is torn (see photos). I might consider adding Chantilly lace trim at the hemline, or satin or velvet ribbon which would lengthen the dress... Often these blouses are white cotton rather than as sheer as this crepe blouse. The skirt lining is cotton so it's perfect, and there are 4 layers of material at the hemline (see photos). those chiffon sleeves were likely gathered with a thread, so if you do that, the hole will disappear. it's a fairly openweave crepe-like of cotton or linen (wears great!! Just don't stress antique fabrics, so wear your spanx bodysuit. I still want to sell items that are in good enough condition that it will survive many more years with care. I have had this gown in my own collection since 1996! Sheer chiffon at yoke and sleeves are covered with beading.

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The paper still has the 1000 gram stamp which equals over 2 pounds! or break it up and sell off bit by bit and use what you need. There are lots of matching bows that were removed or just fell off the dress... blouson shape, and short white beaded fringe at front and on sleeve cuffs. Would have been worn over a simple black (or again, midnight navy) dress... There is a wide "hem" and all that is beaded so there are plenty of extra beads if you need them. It was a voluntary program covering many consumer goods and was initiated by FDR. Certainly one of those pieces you can imagine being worn by a movie star over a sexy slip dress. I have been lucky enough to have found and sold a few other lace items from Maurice-Mayer, Paris, including a lace gown (which you can still see from my museum archive pages at: and a lace and ermine jacket ( And not surprisingly, I found an article in a 1912 newspaper that lists a Maurice Meyer blue velvet wrap for 0 (which is nearly ,000 in today's dollars)!!! This is from the era of Audrey Hepburn's infamous "My Fair Lady" Ascot lace gown ...

There is no "Made in France" stamp, but it seems more than likely from the similar items I've seen. If you look around, others are selling 10 grams (which equals about 180 yds) on spools for each. I've placed a few on the shoulders and down the front... As it is, there is one small area at back waist that needs re-beading (see photo). Measures: up to 38" bust, up to 43" hips, 22-26" long from shoulder to hem. Excellent condition (other than the few beads missing). The sleeves aren't really sleeves, but this is more a cape with open sleeves. which recently sold at auction for .7 million dollars!!!!! This gown was worn by the infamous stripper and actress, Miss Gypsy Rose Lee in her last performance ever.... This gown was designed to hug her body like a second skin.

A prolonged absence from Paris had made an outfit of some magnitude a necessity to this lady. It is elegance and chaste refinement of the best and most ladylike skill." Ludinart is listed among the finest Parisian Designers of the times. Plain but perfect ivory silk satin skirt with much fullness at sides and back with matching bodice with HUGE balloon sleeves and front bodice with surprise insets of matching ivory chiffon (amazingly still all in tact!! Connelly wedding gown from 1880 sold on my website for over 00. So although it's a museum quality piece, the condition would require a conservationist. The popular "sailor" design of the collar with black braid trim giving the lovely detail/design. There is one tiny repair at upper back (see photo) which can be made to disappear with black marker (if you do that kind of thing)... Measures a VERY WEARABLE 42" bust, up to 41" waist, up to 52" hips. if, indeed, you love these 1920s vintage Art Deco Egyptian Assuit shawls.

) and the simple Battenburg lace detail down the front and back bodice. I displayed with silk flowers at waist, but it originally was likely worn with fresh flowers as tiny chlorophyll stains attest! EXCELLENT condition with just minor light spots down front of skirt, and two spots on one sleeve. Slight messiness at under waist (covered when worn). and the shoulder/arm seams could use a better seam (simple fix). These shawls are usually cream or black cotton netting but most often the hand applied silver metal pieces are sparse.

And nothing at all is better than a 1920's trained lame gown!

The lining is original and has a few minor spots here and there... The label is off on one side, so will need a stitch or two. These were meant to be worn shorter so your ankles or Edwardian boots would be seen. The bodice lining looks to be perfect as does the full black attached slip for skirt! I have never heard of the House of Mmes Kerteux Soeurs, Paris, and I'm sure most of you haven't heard of them either, but they were high fashion dressmakers back to at least 1870s, and had a reputation equal to many other Parisian n a fiction book, Velvet Shadows by Andre Norton, there is a paragraph that reads: "They were all intent upon a collection of fashion prints displayed by a very smartly dressed woman. " Victorine was like a child confronting a collection of new toys. Obviously much of it is still in place, but none of it is good. for those of you who like a project, and love the thought of a PARISIAN Edwardian gown.... You really just need to replace the pale trim and skirt lining to make this wearable. Measures: 32/33" bust, up to 24/25" waist, 52" long from shoulder to hem (shortish - but if you are replacing the trim anyway, you can make longer). For this rare red cotton net Edwardian beaded overdress I just didn't have the correct underdress, so forgive me. Incredibly great condition with only a few beads missing in the beaded fringe at the scalloped hemline. Just imagine this with long gloves and a large Edwardian hat. The information written on the inside is from the museum and lists the name of the woman who donated it. Since they are clear tiny beads and there are so damn many of them, you really don't notice them missing unless you are looking closely. The House of Reville was started in 1906 by William Reville Terry and his partner, a Miss Rossiter.Comes with the original tie belt to tie with bow at back. Also, if you haven't seen 1930s silk velvet, you will be amazed at the sheen you will get from the light hitting it... hen I first started collecting antique and vintage clothing, I started with white Edwardian gowns. Boat neckline, 1/2 sleeves, horizontal bands of open cutwork and embroidery, tiny lace at waist (though I would cover with colored sash - because I just love that look), fitted through upper leg and then gathered to lower skirt with the same cutwork, embroidery, lace and horizontal pleating. Measures: up to 34" bust, up to 24" waist, 54" long from shoulder to hem Great for a display piece in your room (yes, I used to just hang these pieces on a padded hanger, and then use a simple push pin in my walls to display! This piece has fairly thin cotton fabric, so you can wear as it's currently in Excellent condition, but wear with care. This is a tiny size bodice, however, there are pleats in the bodice, so.... here was have a slim-fitted 1930's gorgeous color ruby silk velvet coat with long sleeves. even though it needs to be reshaped as you can see from the photos. Love the other details like the ruching on the skirt sides, upper skirt and wide cuffs, the puffy sleeves, and the pigeon shape bodice front. First things first, the white ermine fur on this coat needs to be replaced. And just a slight bit of dust/dirt at the front waist... LOVE the detailed ornament at the mid bust and the asymmetrical bustline.Great shape of skirt which flairs out with vertical lace at the thigh to the bottom. And the best news is it is in EXCELLENT condition and in a VERY WEARABLE SIZE! I moved on to silk and crepe Edwardian gown and I still have a closet full of my "first babies". So I assume there are other young girls or young women out there who want to get started as I did. This was a simple day dress worn by a practical women. if you are a great seamstress, you could probably figure out how to increase the size of this piece. Measures: 32" bust, but tiny 10" across back, 26-29" waist skirt, 40" long skirt (with 4" hem). I'd love to say it's in perfect condition, but the velvet has some crushing seen under certain lights in various areas. The only issues are tiny, like an ink mark on the mid-seam back of the skirt (a good drycleaner should be able to remove), the shredding of the silk at the inside hem of only one of the 4 layers (hardly worth mentioning as it can be removed if you want), wear at the skirt waist (not seen when worn), and only the MOST minor tiny other spots on skirt. Measures: 29" bust, 22" waist, 41" long from shoulder to hem in front, 70" long in back. It's very dry and no longer viable, but I'm leaving it on the coat so your furrier can use as a pattern. Measures: up to 33" bust, 26" underbust waist, 60" long from shoulder to hem in front, 66" long in back.'m ALWAYS on the hunt for Victorian sidesaddle habits! just two areas of small holes (one lost in folds, the other at the hemline - see photos) and a bit of lining tearing inside skirt hemline. Even the satin INTERIOR of the bodice is gorgeous!!Ludinart always contrives to introduce some artistic touch and novelty... Ludinart has a rare reputation for taste and good judgment." And from Oct.21, 1888: "Mme Ludinart has just completed a trousseau for the daughter of the beautiful Countess de Becheret.... There are large silk slits (shattering) in one mutton sleeve and a number of small ones on the other sleeve and on the skirt (including one fairly long slit at skirt back - at the skirt bustle fold) and the skirt waist has come ungathered at the skirt back. Connelly gown in the Boston Museum of Fine Art, but it's the discovery that our 19th President, Rutherford B. 2009 issue of "Past Times", a publication produced by the Rutherford B. If you wear it at night, you will hardly see anything wrong. Just PLEASE keep the lace so it can be placed back onto the gown for historic purposes! It was explained to me that "Movie white" is really an off-white as you see in this gown. But you could probably find a black cotton velvet skirt of the era (or you may have one and you've been waiting to find a jacket! If you look at the close-up photos you will see how this is constructed...known for her unusual and rich trimmings." From July 26, 1885: ..."an extraordinary order given by the Viscountess de Carapebus. The variety of dresses in this fascinating trousseau seems as endless as they seem facile, for the great gift of Mme. Her styles and the outlines of her drapery - or the lack of such I had better say - one never dreads.... The interior is fairly good, except for the interior bodice wrap (see photos). Connelly" for the previous gown, I found out just how special these are! If you wear it out in the daylight, you will see the issues. Measures: 34" bust, up to 26" waist, up to 35" hips, 63" long from shoulder to hem. with a panel front, open at front skirt, original long belt ties, unlined (may have been lined originally).Overall, the dress is slightly less shiny than it may have been originally, but still one of the best conditions I've seen of this quality gold lame lace! LOVE the floral embroidery all around the middle, the little pleated ruffle at the edge, and... the little wooden carved bulldog or pug at the end of the handle! this is in fairly terrific condition (as so many silk parasols are in tatters). Whether this is original or it was originally silk lined, I'm not absolutely sure. however, the sleeves aren't lined, so it's possible that the sleeves were originally silk lined, or chiffon lined, but no lining in the sleeves remains. but whatever, it's great as the linen lining allows this coat to be worn without much worry (except for catching the lace on something).