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Eating healthy will generally boost brain performance too, so make sure you're always eating a healthy diet to help you learn all through school.

If you don't sleep you won't be able to focus when the pressure's on!

Some people are visual learners, some people prefer sound, some need physical motion, and so on.

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If you're a visual learner, make a chart of the information you have to know.

Your brain is pretty good at associating smells or sounds with ideas or memories. While you're studying, wear some unusual cologne or perfume with a smell you don't usually encounter and then expose yourself to that smell again right before or during a test. Being hungry during a test will distract you and make you tired.

As soon as the test starts, write down all formulas or other important information on some scratch paper before you start going through the questions.

This will help keep you from blanking when you need that information later.

Taking a practice test will help you figure out how much information you actually know vs how much information you think you know. If you really want to ace those exams, study old and new material every day, or at least several times a week. When you study, make sure you take a minute break after every 30 minutes of study.

This will help keep your brain from getting overloaded and give it more time to absorb the information.Ace said that because there are “so many reality kids,” they’re competing for jobs; a club appearance used to bring 00, whereas now it yields only 0.Absorbing Knowledge Efficiently 1 Pay attention in your classes and concentrate The best thing you can do to raise your test scores is to pay attention when you're supposed to be learning the material: Letting your mind wander or not showing up at all are both likely to make you miss out on key information that will later appear on tests.Getting dehydrated during a test can be distracting and reduce your ability to think clearly.Stay hydrated before your test and bring a bottle of water with you to the test as well.Mnemonics are phrases which can help you remember the order of certain things.