Embarrassing dating moments

I tried to keep pulling it down but I heard whispers, laughs, and giggles — everyone was looking at my bare butt!

My little brother was in charge of the video camera that day, and I should have never taught him how to work the video camera or zoom in! " —Heather "My crush was having a big pool party, and I was really excited for it because my mom had bought me a new bikini for my birthday.

I never drove in that car again."—Jane"My friends and I all went bowling with our boyfriends on New Year's Eve.

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Labor may be one of the most serious times in a woman's life, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its share of funny, awkward, or embarrassing moments.

Click through to read a few confessions from real moms who are airing their most embarrassing labor moments.

We were keeping our relationship a secret, but now my relationship is over and everyone still makes fun of me for the pictures!

" —Cailyn"My brother has the cutest friends, and one day they had a study group and I invited my best friend over.

I called my doctor; she had me GO BACK upstairs, soggy, waddling, and still clutching my 3-year-old's Embarrassing Labor Moment #2“My water broke on the table while the doctor was checking me at my appointment,” said new mom Janell Dick.

“It was everywhere; the nurse even looked freaked out.

I was so embarrassed that from that point on I stayed away from him as much as possible.—Caitlin"I was at a gymnastics competition, and most girls, including me, don't wear thongs with our leotards.

I was doing my routine, but my leotard was not sticking so I went on my tippy toes and my leotard quickly started riding up.

I told my mom that I was going to invite her over, but she told me I had to do my homework first.

Later on I called my friend, and as soon as I heard her pick up, I quickly started talking about how my brother's cute friends were over and how much I liked one of them.

It had been going on for about a week and I figured it was my crush because it was obvious that he liked me back.