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From the sail numbers we can identify 667 Bolero sailed by M Birkett, 702 Pyewackett sailed by T Carol, 746 Hilarity sailed by H Binyon and 760 Full Cry sailed by C Bennion.

As can be seen, the International 14s carried very little buoyancy at the time.

Thanks to all the volunteers from WYC who helped out with this event!

Second at the end was Hilarity, sailed by Hugh Binyon, with Stuart Morris in Gossip third.

The race will be re- sailed today.” From the International 14 website: Another new design of 1960 was Audacity (732).

Her deep hull was to prove of great benefit at Whitstable in 1961. she was leading the survivors of the fleet, 7 out of 50, by a leg and a half, when in the fourth lap, the race was stopped. At least one boat broke its plate on the bottom between waves. It was an amazing turnout with over 150 members in attendance and the vote was as follows, including postal votes.

In some of the wildest conditions in which an attempt has ever been made to sail the P. During the race, the seas were reported as being 6ft. The wind was recorded at 35 knots, stronger in the gusts. Yes 163 No 1 Abstain 3 The motion was carried and further details will follow shortly.

The event report is now on Yachts&Yachting at and there are lots of photos of the event in our Facebook members and Laser groups.

Thanks and well done to all of the volunteers who made the event such a success!Thanks to Grant and the Topbond team for all their hard work over the last few months of very hot weather.Whilst the work is complete, WYC is still paying for the ramp, and the fundraising efforts are ongoing.also worked in the Yankee Clipper, the Pickle Barrel and a good restaurant up…Posted: Friday, 20 July, 2018 Topbond Marine completed their work on the WYC Ramp today, almost a week ahead of schedule, and it's now open for use this weekend!Forms are available behind the bar or you can download one from uk/images/uploads/WYC_Ramp_It_Up_2018and email it back to the office.