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Being bi we do not expect our wife to accept our reality. Doggy is best position with partner as it opens up *** naturally and help in stretching ASSS. I mean he have to push some buttons but u dont want take risk .But if you are practicing alone then you can try in Squat position like Indian style toilet to move toy in / out. I think best possion for first time is missinary or cow boy/girl variation.

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u can pause and use gravity,pull out a little then use gravity .... All control is on u ,unless ur partner decide to lift his hip for a surprise..

this position also works good cause of gravity Married men of Ohmojo: Are you happy?

Now as I clearly said, the affairs I have with others, if at all I have, is done in utmost secrecy to satiate my desire which I cannot tell her and I don't want to tell either.

And that is because, to me who is just a normal human being with desires and feelings, very clearly, happiness of my family is of utmost importance rather than being a "Harishchandra".

I don't know why this sudden spurt of morality and some gays think that all bisexuals are immoral and they are all so called "Harishchandras". The topic here is "Are married Guys Happy Here" and many are indeed happy including me. Most of the bisexuals are commenting that they are happy in their life and I don't know why many gays are desperately trying to prove that bisexuals married life is pathetic and unhappy.

There are happily and unhappily married guys in all categories and please stop stereotyping.

If, in your view it is because I am an MSP, I don't give a rat's *** to what U say.

Coming to the question of equality, I certainly would not allow my spouse to have an extra marital affair and I strongly believe that she would not need it too (probably unlike yours, I am not sure) as I am able to satisfy her in all aspects including in bed.

Also stop talking about morality and woman's right and all here.

As Harikr rightly said, None here is against their partner's happiness and all married guys try to keep their family happy.

Happiness of the family is more important than being "Truthful" and confessing everything like a 'fool'.