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He is known for his run as a featured performer on Saturday Night Live from 1989 to 1995, and for playing the title roles in the Wayne's World, Austin Powers, and Shrek films.

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In the end, they just grew completely apart.”Jennifer’s friend claimed that even when the couple were together, they often fought for days on end.

On December 14 last year, Theroux arrived home from the Big Apple for Christmas.

At the age of ten, he made a commercial for British Columbia Hydro, with Gilda Radner playing his mother.

At the age of 12, he made a guest appearance as Ari on the TV series King of Kensington.

For starters, the actor isn’t even Aniston’s “ex.” Radar Online wrongly calls Butler the actress’s “ex-boyfriend” in an article that alleges Justin Theroux might be “replaced.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying “Jen has been leaning hard on Gerard” as her relationship with Theroux “continues to disintegrate.” The site never says what exactly is problematic with Aniston’s marriage, but its insider maintains, “Jen has turned to Gerard to fill the void left by Justin.” during a January appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.” The aforementioned “source” claims it was “no coincidence” that “Gerard made a public display of affection and loyalty toward her” at the same time Aniston’s marriage is allegedly “imploding.” The purported tipster even claims the “Friends” star was “really touched that Gerard is proving he has her back.” What’s more is that it’s further alleged Aniston and Butler actually “reconnected a few months ago” and have been “flirting with a reunion for a while.” The outlet’s alleged snitch asserts, “Gerard told Jen he’s still carrying a torch for her [and] made it clear…

he’s ready to commit to her.” The is running a virtually identical story in its latest issue (and its sister website), but goes ever farther with a headline that exclaims, “Jen Dumping Justin For Gerard!A friend of Jennifer Aniston Action hero Butler has never married, but the Paisley-born actor, 48, has been dating American interior designer Morgan Brown on and off for almost three years.Butler revealed his bond with Jennifer while promoting his latest film Den Of Thieves.Gerard Butler is all smiles as he strolls downtown and grabs a cab in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City on Thursday (September 24). The 39-year-old Scottish actor debunked rumors that he's dating his costar Katherine Heigl, who just adopted a baby. One of Jennifer’s friends said: “They have been talking non-stop.