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With that new legitimacy, Kim performed in more than ten more feature films that decade, notably Tim Burton’s 1989 .Also in 1989, Basinger released a studio album and EP, both produced by Prince, with whom she may have had a romantic relationship.

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Growing up the middle child of five, Basinger as an adult would reflect that her relationship with her parents was not always healthy.

Her father, highly critical, instilled in her a shyness which would go on to affect Basinger’s childhood and school life.

The Internet talks about the Bond Girl Curse, which highlights the tendency of actresses who play the romantic interest in a Bond film to never go further in their career.

Kim Basinger managed to defy the supposed curse with , but since 1997, the 80s sex symbol’s career has been slowly declining.

While the settlement of initially million was reduced to .8 million, the incident left Basinger filing for bankruptcy, and she sold the town of Braselton.

In 1994, Basinger co-starred in the remake of with Alec Baldwin, now her husband.Kim Basinger has been a household name since the early 80s, though many households can’t agree on how to pronounce it.Since rising to prominence with her portrayal of Domino Petachi in the 1983 James Bond film , Basinger (that’s “bay-singer”, not “bass-injure,”) has had a prolific career, with her films often gaining notoriety, if not critical acclaim.A few months ago she gushed to magazine about how ageless her Oscar-winning mom is. The star rocked a full blue pinstripe suit with a matching tie, adding a touch of feminine chic with a bold statement lip but keeping her famous golden locks tied back in a sleek ponytail at the nape of her neck. The 61-year-old actress, who split from Alec Baldwin in 2002, is reportedly ''very happy'' after finding love with Mitch Stone, who has taken care of her trademark blonde tresses, as well as her ex-husband's hair for ''many years.'' A source close to the "L. Confidential" star told Closer Weekly magazine: ''After doing her hair for so many years, one day they thought, 'Hey, why don't we go out on a date?Basinger was born in Athens, Georgia, on December 8th, 1953.