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Bella meets Edward Cullen a boy that is bringing out unwanted feelings in her.

Shes battling her self just As her past comes back for revenge she needs to think about the safety of her daughter.

Will a lonely, cold-hearted CEO billionaire and his darling 4 year-old be able to be the spark in Ana Steele's life?

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Continuation of Original One Shot for We Love Mobward Contest.

BPOVSmall town Bella Swan happens upon something unusual in a remote cabin in the woods.

(Ah-AU)Bella has a huge secret that destroys her budding relationship with Edward. Bella Swan is trying to pave her way in the world, as a photographer, somewhat known, with ten thousand followers on Instagram.

The two come face to face again years later and the real truth is known. What happens when she receives a direct message on Instagram from a movie star, someone who has more than fifty million followers? My name is Bella Potter, twin sister of Harry Potter and one of two chosen ones.

Edward won't leave her alone she tries so hard to push him away to save him and herself in the end he might just end up saving her and her daughter.

A beautiful, intelligent, English Literature student and former ballerina, broken inside and desperate, is searching for something to finally open her eyes to the beauty of the world.

Suddenly, her life is forever changed as she is propelled into the chaotic world of the rich and powerful Cullen family of Boston.

After Jacob left her without any explanation, Bella a young mother decided she wasn't going to let it affect her. Both going through heart aches, one doesn't believe they deserve happiness, the other craves it. After her father's death, she decides to make a change.

This year I have to leave behind, my life in Forks to help hunt down Horcruxes that will end this war for good.

If I don't come back, Edward I'm sorry.' 2018 A/N: currently 1/3 through updating so I apologies for any inconsistencies. A vision foretelling the Volturis return, a secret life revealed opens up a whole new world to the Cullen's. Dumbledore convinces the Cullen's to join him in Hogwarts, but is this magical sanctuary a real safe haven or an even bigger fire for them to fall into?

Warning: Polygamy, and domestic discipline After his brother dies in a car accident, Edward returns to his hometown to raise the little boy that was left behind. A failed marriage & long divorce left Edward with a lot on his hands.