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The Engine has a basic two-phase commit model, and a query mechanism for finding the data needed for reports and views.

The GUI that adds, modifies and deletes these should be thought of as a manipulator of the data, a Controller.

Thus, the Motif or Gnome GUI's are merely two possible manipulators of the data; others, based on e.g.

Some of these concepts and terms are introduced in this section.

First, we must maintain a clean separation between the data structures and the GUI that manipulates them, along the lines of the Model-View-Controller paradigm.

It is a kind of an FAQ for developers and contributors, providing status, and guidance.

If you simply want to get a better idea of what Gnu Cash is and what it does, visit its Gnu Cash home page or browse the Gnu Cash Wiki page.The goal is that broad areas should be not only customizable, but it should be possible, even easy, to trade these customizations between users.In order to facilitate the gluing together of these parts, as well as simplify the questions of customizability, change and rapid development, Gnu Cash makes use of the Scheme extension language (as implemented in the FSF Guile interpreter), to glue the pieces together.In Gnu Cash, the Model is implemented via the Engine API,and the View is the data that is currently in the Engine.Thus, the Engine is a set of programming API's that the GUI (or a script, or even a clever command-line-addict) can use to manipulate the data.This design seems to work for the above-named backends.