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See more » Unbelievable situations could often (at least in the movies) lead to great romances..meant to be...

A man and a woman, desperate to meet their other halves (although with different approaches, one closed to herself, the other one just trying his luck "out there") end up having a (blind) date in current London, in a situation with mixed identities (sort of).

Kathy: It is Storm (Ashes & Embers Book 1) by Carian Cole.

Each contender must acquire an “Acquisition” to participate in the four trials that occur over the course of a year, and these trials are not for the faint of heart…

Maryse: I’m into the “pregnant and single”, single mom and single dad stories big time!

I’m only 39% into this book and I freaking love it!!

And after reading the blurbs of each of ‘em, these are RIGHT UP OUR ALLEY!!!

They spend the night together in his truck keeping warm.

Maryse: And I have Curio, but was dying to read all of the subsequent releases so I had to one-click this one, too!!

This series has been the star of two recent posts (a reader question post AND a reader confession post) and I just had to know more!

It finally showed in PA, and it made me think of this story.

The H/h get into an accident and end up stranded on a lonely road in ditch/snow drift.

All have a HEA and can be read as stand-alones, but better together.