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We get to know a whole lot more about you than just a few photos and witty one-liners."There’s a lot more that goes into finding your perfect match than just swiping right and hoping for the best.

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The drink speciality here is beer, with several dozen, mostly Cali-made, brews to pick from and discuss, though if you prefer cocktails, wine, or a fancy artisan soda, they’ve got all those, too.

Alibi Room’s secret weapon is the food: a greatest-hits assortment from Roy Choi’s Kogi and Chego concepts, so even if the date’s a dud, at least you can get a kimchi quesadilla out of it.

Alibi Room is a perfect option for a low-key intro on the Westside.

It’s not likely to be slammed, there are plenty of places to sit, there’s a fireplace for ambiance, and we’ve had decent luck with street parking in the neighborhood.

Order a tasting flight and you two can compare notes on Beach Day Orange Wheat versus Hyperion Vanilla Stout. ), there is almost always a spot available somewhere inside Highland Park Bowl.

Grab a cocktail from the rotating list of creations, and order a pizza from the kitchen.

AND…Julie is networked with the finest matchmakers throughout the U.

For a first date in particular, you’re looking for a place that shows you’re cool, but won’t come off as pretentious; has great music playing, but not so loudly you can’t comfortably converse; offers decent parking so you won’t end up running late because you’re circling the block forever; and has a tasty mix of drinks to enjoy.

We are an old-school Matchmaking firm with a modern mindset and work with successful men and women who are looking for committed relationships in an offline, confidential experience.

Our team provides an in-person, all-inclusive, private matchmaking experience with background-checked matches, concierge date planning, date feedback meetings, one-on-one date coaching with our celebrity experts and Matchmakers, and an 8 out of 10 success rate that we work hard to maintain.

The space is classy but still casual, and servers bring drinks to your table, meaning there won’t be any weird lulls in the night when someone has to go stand around the bar for 15 minutes trying to flag down a bartender.