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Marrying into that charismatic clan would make the Cuomos royal, too, insofar as any American political dynasty could be seen as such.It would also draw them into a private world of wealth and privilege, a planet away from Queens, New York, home to three generations of Cuomos.In all the ways he needed, she could be Andrew’s helpmate.

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Kerry, the seventh of Robert and Ethel Kennedy’s 11 children, was two years younger than Andrew (she was 30, he was 32), a vigorous athlete like most of her siblings, and a graduate of Brown and Boston College Law School.She was an ardent human-rights activist who had taken the lead in setting up the Robert F.Andrew had his Kennedy bride—and as much as their union might seem a modern marriage of convenience, conjoining two political families like European kingdoms, friends discerned a deeper bond.Kerry understood what it meant to lead a public life and hide one’s vulnerabilities when the going got rough. ” Some of the journalists were acquaintances at best.

And why worry about how the media would perceive it?

The Cuomos played stickball on the streets of Holliswood; the Kennedys played touch football on their oceanfront lawn at Hyannis Port.

Andrew had driven a AAA truck for extra money and taken out student loans.

Kennedy Center for Human Rights—a perfect counterpart to Andrew’s own growing nonprofit for the homeless, the one he called HELP.

More sensitive than some of her siblings, Kerry had just suffered a personal loss that left her especially vulnerable.

It was a story that aired deep sibling rivalries, jealousy, resentment, and greed—all over a sum of money the Kennedys could only have viewed as piddling. But the Kennedys had to wonder: Were these Cuomos, with their brooding egos and their battling relatives, really the right fit for America’s First Family? ’ And everyone laughs but Andrew.”From the moment Kerry accepted his proposal, Andrew took on the planning of the wedding like a political campaign. Her mother stood at her side in a pink chiffon suit.