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Anchor light - White light displayed by a ship at anchor.Two such lights are displayed by a ship over 150 feet in length.Anti-Rolling Tanks - A pair of fluid-filled, usually water, tanks mounted on opposite sides of a ship below the waterline.

Adrift - Afloat and unattached in any way to the shore or seafloor, but not under way.

It implies that a vessel is not under control and therefore goes where the wind and current take her, loose from moorings, or out of place.

It is made fast at a distance slightly longer than the draft of the boat.

It is used to prevent the anchor rode from becoming fouled on the keel or other underwater structures when the boat is resting at anchor and moving randomly during slack tide.

Aboard - On or in a vessel Absentee Pennant - Special naval pennant flown to indicate absence of commanding officer, admiral, his chief of staff, or officer whose flag is flying (division, squadron, or flotilla commander).

Absolute Bearing - The bearing of an object in relation to north.Abaft the Beam - Further aft than the beam: a relative bearing of greater than 90 degrees from the bow: "two points abaft the port beam". - An order to leave the vessel immediately, usually in the face of some imminent danger.It is an order issued by the Master or a delegated person in command.Anchor Chain or Cable - Line connecting the ship to the anchor.Anchor Detail - Group of men who handle ground tackle duties when the ship is anchoring or getting underway.It is usually the last resort after all other mitigating actions have failed.