Police intimidating nato

But these days, New York City is filled with recording devices.

And they give everyone a window into the verbal abuse and intimidation that some police dish out to those they perceive as powerless.

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In the latest example, the victim is an Uber driver.One of his passengers, Sanjay Seth, had the presence of mind to pull out a cell phone and record the interaction.The NYPD detective who was caught on video chewing out an Uber driver has been stripped of his shield and gun, and will be placed on modified duty, Police officials said.Detective Patrick Cherry has been removed from the department’s elite Joint Terrorism Task Force and will be doing desk duty until he is officially transferred out of the prestigious division.put it, "displaying unprofessionalism is not a fireable offense as it would be in most any other job dealing with the public." Under union rules, after the police officer is afforded multiple layers of due process, the maximum penalty he'll face is a 30 day suspension. Palladino, policemen aren't "just like everyone else." The lower standard to which they're held and the extraordinary job protection they enjoy is such that they can even pepper-spray innocent protestors on video and not get fired. In coming days, we're likely to find out if the sources who spoke to DNAInfo are correct that Detective Cherry has been the subject of multiple prior civilian complaints.

If the coming years bring more citizens training cameras on police officers, as well as more police administrators willing to punish misbehavior, the generation of cops that expects that it can verbally abuse New Yorkers with impunity may pass into history.

There is no disputing that we are held to a higher standard and that is why this incident is so newsworthy.

Detective Cherry is a person of good character and an excellent Detective.

, the Republican frontrunner questioned the United States' involvement in the intergovernmental military alliance, charging that some U. allies are "not doing anything." He alleged that "we're doing all the lifting" on Ukraine while other European powers remain silent.

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