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See 101 evidences for a young age of the earth and the universe.

And a further fifty articles in ‘Young’ age of the Earth & Universe Q&A.

So where are the hundreds of billions of galaxies of antimatter that had to form to balance the hundreds of billions of star galaxies, for the big-bang theory to ‘work’?

” As all the DVD’s speakers are presented as ‘scientist believers’, one might think that they would begin their search for the truth about origins by referring to what God has said in the Bible. Instead, everything that all the speakers say is based on their personal beliefs in the spurious ‘evolution-is-a-fact’ philosophy. Dr John Polkinghorne (a former particle physicist now an ordained Anglican minister) tells viewers: “We have very good scientific reasons for believing that the universe as we observe it today started about 14 billion years ago in a very hot, very dense, very concentrated state, and it’s expanded and it’s also complexified.” He does not tell viewers any of these reasons, Next, Dr Ard Louis tells viewers about the concept of antimatter.

This is presented as “pointing to a mathematical order behind our universe”.

” NASA astrophysicist Dr Jennifer Wiseman says what it means for her as a ‘believing scientist’, if our universe is just one of many: “I think the simple answer to that is, you know, so what? Wow, the God that we worship is ever more great.” However, CMI’s Dr Jonathan Sarfati writes: Multiverses supposedly explain the existence of ours with special characteristics. an explanation these atheists accept for the universe but would not tolerate for a second to explain anything else.

Consider if we found a pattern of markings on a beach which spelled your name.

Another word for this is their described as “a committed Christian and a professor of paleontology at Cambridge University”, who believes in evolution, admits: “I think one just has to keep on saying, first of all the science is a hypothesis.

You’re never going to prove it’s right.” But he then opines: “But there is overwhelming evidence that the Earth is extremely ancient.” Actually there is overwhelming evidence that the Earth and the universe are both extremely young.Morris asks why creationists do not accept evolutionary long ages, if they do accept the science that allows an aeroplane to fly, or a microwave, or digital watch to work.The answer is exceedingly simple: there is actually and regular crystal oscillation, respectively!This may be an oblique reference to the problem for big-bang theorists of how nothing produced anything, let alone everything, including us (which otherwise is not discussed).Actually, antimatter is a massive problem for big-bang theorists, because standard particle physics requires that if energy is converted to mass (via the famous formula E = mc²), equal amounts of matter and antimatter must be produced.But under multiverse reasoning, there are an infinite number of parallel universes containing every possible quantum state, “In infinite space, even the most unlikely events must take place somewhere.” bias that no one could have written your name, he could argue that we just happen to be in one of the tiny fraction of universes where this improbable erosion pattern arose naturally.