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Sign up at the site is extremely straightforward; just give your name, e-mail address and password to set you on your way.

The site itself is actually quite basic, a large white background, with the two webcam windows on the left-hand side.

Other random encounters included a meeting with a vase and a pair of skis – didn’t find either of these particularly chatty, so I think they were on the wrong site.Chat Roulette is the kind of site that will not appeal to all, although for users of 25 or under there may be an attraction – the site is most definitely not suitable for children.I quickly realized that he had taken one look at me and moved onto someone else – guessing he wasn’t interested in chatting to a man the other side of thirty. He was obviously quite tired, as he was still in bed.A procession of men followed, most of them wearing clothes, but this wasn’t always the case, and I become an expert at hitting ‘next’ quicker than the other person.A large chat area encompasses much of the rest of the screen, and users can also display info about themselves in this window.

So, does Chat Roulette actually achieve what the name of the site implies?

Despite the age restrictions on some video-chat sites and the noble-yet-feeble first attempts at creating filtering software, flashers still peddle their wares with ease and have seemed as unstoppable as a bad rash.

Chatrandom macht es dir leicht, mit Leuten aus der ganzen Welt zu reden!

If either you or the other person doesn’t want to continue chatting, one of you will hit ‘next’ and you’ll both move on someone else.

Originally, the site had just twenty users at the launch in November 2009, but grew quickly through word of mouth, the number of people at the site doubling on a daily basis. Chat Roulette had 50,000 users and by the following March, 1.5 million people were using the site.

The team tested their algorithms at Chatroulette, the infamous online video-chat service that lets you communicate with randomly-selected strangers, and the results looked good.