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J now has to deal with his new roommate and the feelings he has for his old flame.

While playing the game of "Truth Be Told," J discovers that his girlfriend is still a virgin, while Gordon discovers that he wasn't Sherri's first experience.

He gets a roommate in the form of Robin, who thinks he's gay.

One of Gordon's coworkers, Marcus, is dating one of J's old girlfriends.

Valerie Ahern Mark Amato Mark Bluntman Howard Busgang Pamela Eells Arthur Harris Bob Hilgenberg John Hunter Stephen Lloyd Christian Mc Laughlin Matthew Miller Rick Newberger Rob Muir Jeny Quine Billy Riback Scott J.

Rosenbaum Dan Signer Chuck Snyder Van Whitfield Grown Ups follows the lives of three post-college friends who are coming to terms with adulthood. Calvin Frazier, a 24-year-old man whose roommate just skipped town nearly leaving him homeless. also learns that his high school crush Melissa (Tammy Townsend) is engaged to another man.

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J and Melissa decide to have sex, and J experiences some bedroom problems. He hangs out at a spa to mingle with important business professionals.

He eventually gets a new job when he runs into a female member of the club that has her own company.

Meanwhile, Gordon and Shari try their hand at writing a children's book, hoping to win a contest that awards the winning author ,000.