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In 2008, their album, The Second Gleam, reached the number ten spot on's Top Independent Albums chart, and stayed there for three weeks.

Seth Avett is the son of Susie and Jim Avett of Concord, North Carolina. Bonnie, his older sister, was born in 1973, and Scott, his older brother, was born in 1976. His father owns a welding business in Concord, and his mother teaches at a school.

Or do you think it’s better to continue playing shows while, perhaps, using the platform to bring attention to the law?

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For your fans, the Avett Brothers are synonymous with North Carolina.But it seems the state is now best known for its infamous “bathroom bill” dictating which public toilets transgenders must use.Cancelling the show is an opportunity to stand on top of a mountain to proclaim how high your morality is.But to me, the sensible solution is to bring people together.How do you feel about what’s going on in your home state?

North Carolina’s a beautiful state with a lot of beautiful people, a lot of love, compassion, diversity.

In their 16-year existence, the Avett Brothers have gone from acoustic folk troubadours to grungy bluegrass pioneers to Americana roots-rock icons playing to packed arenas.

The constant motif in their musical ascendance: pure, unabashed earnestness.

The new album’s first single, “Ain’t No Man,” has that tight production with the “We Will Rock You”-like stomp-clap bass line.

It almost sounds like you’re aiming for the arenas.

On Tuesday, Seth Avett of the bluegrass band the Avett Brothers posted a sincere and heartfelt message to his fans, announcing his separation from his wife Susan.