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Andres is about 6 feet tall, handsome guy, well built, dark hair, he enters my house with booze in hand, I usually supply the food and they supply the booze, he walks in and I introduce him to Stephanie, as they were getting acquainted, my door bell rings again and I go answer it, as I look back, Steph and Andres, seem to be hitting it off. I finally get two good starting cards and apparently so does Tom, so we both go to the flop and I am ecstatic because on the flop I caught trips, three of a kind.

Three of a kind may not sound exiting but when you don’t play with wild cards and there is only two of you in the hand, trips is a pretty powerful hand, so of course I throw down a bet and Tom matches it.

My friend Rachel and I treated ourselves to a cruise to celebrate a promotion I had received at work.

We decided to start out topless and survey the people around us to see just how far everyone went. I had covered the front of my body and asked Rachel if she could spread the lotion on my back.

Maybe it was the setting or being relaxed from our vacation, but my skin began to tingle as Rachel spread the lotion on my back.

I was quivering with excitement, wondering what she was going to do.

She leaned into me and gently touched her lips to mine. She deepened the kiss and brought her fingertips to my nipples. Once again she asked me if I wanted her to continue. Rachel laid me down on the towel and then lay beside me.

He was shocked to see Stephanie because we have a motto at our poker games, no girls allowed, this is suppose to be boys night out where we can get together and talk and b.s. when it comes to what he would do to a woman if he got a chance but he seems to be in actuality the most loyal to his marriage. I explain to everyone Stephanie is cool and we can pretend she is not even there; we can talk among ourselves as we always do and Steph will serve as our hostess.

with each other without worrying what our wives think, by the way all the guys but me are married, so they really like coming to the games to get away from their wives. is the most sexed guy I have ever met but seems to be full of shit, one of those empty drums that makes a lot of noise, don’t get me wrong J. He looks past my shoulder and sees Andres talking with Stephanie, and is not in the least perturbed, he is concentrating on Stephanie’s ass and he doesn’t care if I see him looking or not, he is staring so hard he is boring a hole right into her skirt. I could tell the guys were a little reluctant to be themselves but I figured after a few hands and lots of drinks they would loosen up.

She continued to run her fingers over my lips, and across my nipples.

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Stephanie, my girlfriend has heard for a while now about my buddies and the poker games I hold, she has always wanted to meet them and I told her the next game she was invited but she had to behave because Stephanie has quite a wild streak, she told me she would and sounded almost giddy looking forward to the game.

I told her okay baby we will have the game on Saturday night.

I knew what she was doing and felt powerless to stop her.