Silverlight combobox selectedvalue not updating

This indicates to the binding that we’re only going to be updating the binding target (the Combo Box’s Items collection in this case).For the Selected Item and Selected Value bindings, I do not set a mode – this is because “Mode=Two Way” is the default.Now, all of that aside, let’s go over the more common properties used in Data Binding to a Selector control.

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Hi Ivan, I have a simple combobox datatemplate that binds to a business object that implements Property Changed.

private void Invalidate Sample Data(object state, Event Args e) Programming enthusiast.

I have a Combo Box that doesn't seem to update the Selected Item/Selected Value.

The assumption I am making is that the Data Context used by my Data Template is automatically set through the binding hierarchy, so that I don't have to explicitly set it for each item in the If you run that example, you will get the behaviour I'm talking about.

The Text Box updates its binding fine when you edit it, but the Combo Box does not.

I can set the viewmodels Phone Book Enty property and the selected item in the combobox changes, and I can change the selected item in the combobox and the view models Phone Book Entry property is set correctly. Data Warning: 50 : Using Collection View directly is not fully supported.

Here is my XAML content: Edit: Geoffs second example does not seem to work, which seems a bit odd to me. The basic features work, although with some inefficiencies, but advanced features may encounter known bugs.

There wasn’t much documentation regarding that which I found that was helpful, so I’ll do another post about that later.

In this post I’ll just cover what I learned about basic data binding, so here is what I needed to do, without all of the Data Template/Grid View bloat Note that in my case, the View Model which the Combo Box needed to get its items from was the Data Context of the page and the Data Context of the Combo Box was the View Model which I needed to bind values to.

I can't find any documentation that clears this up one way or the other. I was able to get my stuff to work by using the object ID property in the Selected Value and Selected Value Path properties.