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If you want to follow me on Instagram, my user name is neilkpatel.

The second most popular time to post a photo is either on Wednesday or Thursday at 3 PM, PST.

Also, a photo is the most active during the first three hours.

Images like the one above are multiple images combined into one. My business partner Hiten Shah posted the image above and quickly got 75 likes and 5 comments.

Images like those tend to get 19.41% more likes and 22.4% more comments than images that aren’t collage-like images.

If you use these tags within your photos, they are more likely to be discovered by other users.

Here are the top 20 tags on Instagram: If you want your images to get more likes or comments, you need to start engaging with other users.If you happen to post a status update on Facebook asking people to follow you on Instagram, that number can increase to just under 5%.Just like with Twitter and other social sites, Instagram users prefer certain tags over others.I was still gaining a few followers a day, but it wasn’t significant enough to gain any traction as my one hundred followers resulted in no more than thirteen likes on any one of my images.So, over the weekend I started learning everything about Instagram: what causes users to like images, what causes them to follow others, and how you can get more people to find your images. Now, I am consistently gaining over two hundred followers a day, and my images can easily get well over a hundred likes.46.15% of all comments happen within the first hour, and 69.23% of all comments happen within the first three hours.