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HD video, for example, can eat gigabytes for breakfast. The good news is that learning how to install a new hard drive isn’t difficult, so there is no need to be concerned about a hard drive that is nearly full.

Read on to find out how to install a new drive to replace an old one.

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This rule isn’t absolute, however, because some all-in-one computers use 2.5″ drives.The process of installing a new hard drive is one of the least difficult hardware installation procedures around in terms of the physical effort required.Cloning a drive may take some time because of the bandwidth limitations of USB 2.0, but it will complete eventually.Desktop computer hard drives are usually placed in the lower front half of a mid-tower enclosure and are attached using between two and six screws.You can, however, still clone your old drive to your new one.

This is possible by connecting your new drive to your PC with a USB-to-SATA cable or an external hard drive dock.However, the hard drive is one of the most critical components in your system because it stores all of your information.Everything from your operating system to your emails to your favorite songs are stored on your hard drive.Obviously, a straight replacement will leave you without that information.If you’re using a computer that has more than one hard drive bay you’ll find the process of transferring data from one drive to another to be easy.Your PC will barely realize that anything has changed.