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Some of her high profile movies include released in 2007.

She did not reveal any reason of breaking up with her boyfriend until now.She was once spotted holding hand-in-hand with an unknown guy.For her brilliant performance, she won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series and a Screen Actors Guild Award for the same category.In the later years, Lucy garnered much fame and her outstanding performances caught the attention of major directors and she has featured in numerous movies and reality television shows since the beginning of her acting career till date.Besides her career, rumors about Lucy's baby is all over the media.

Lucy Liu announced that her son, Rockwell Lloyd Liu, was brought up in the world via gestational carrier.Lucy Liu with her boyfriend Noam Gottesman Lucy Liu has been painting since 90’s, and it was known that Noam Gottesman was helping Lucy with her career as an artist.Their four years of relation came to an end a few years before. Lucy Liu has been very secretive about her love life.After spending one year at the New York University, Liu transferred to the University of Michigan where she studied Asian languages and culture.Since her childhood, Lucy was interested in acting and during her senior year, she auditioned for a supporting role and surprisingly, she won the lead role in the movie , she played the role of a high-class prostitute who had links with the Chinese mafia in the former and she played Ling Woo in the latter.Well, we also think that Lucy is planning to give a father to her child.