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The loving couple have started a family (welcoming beautiful daughter Soda into the world earlier this year) and established a thriving café/bar business in Brisbane (Southside Tea Room), so there’s no room for complacency these days.

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In that time, their original drummer Alana Skyring departed to become a full-time chef, as Hodgson told at the time, “a lot of things have happened in the last few years when we were writing this album. we didn’t want to be bogged down in the past.”Part of those new chapters (aside from, you know, getting married!

) has been the development of the band’s own venue in Morningside in their native Brisbane.

The group's live set was written at rehearsal and Hodgson often composed the lyrics on the spot, initially more interested in the melody than the words.

Recently, she's begun to have a change of heart, perhaps realising that the Grates' potential audience dwarfs her original assumption about who'd hear her singing.

"I always thought indie bands were into helping each other and had their arms open, but it can be bitchy," admits Hodgson.

The Grates, who Hodgson genially describes as "little Aussie bush kids", met in drama class at a Brisbane high school in the late 1990s. In 2003 they formed the band on the spur of the moment while watching , a kinetic pop mantra where Hodgson skewers alternative rock's predilection for sultry female vocalists."My attitude used to be just make up some shit that fits in and we'll be sweet, but now I want to work on the lyrics," she says. Hodgson grew up in a house where the few albums present were by Meatloaf and Harry Belafonte, and she's happy the breadth of popular music is a mystery to her."I think when Daniel Johns first got some success, he didn't really know about music history, so he studied it," she says, "but I don't feel like I need to know.It all seems like a very cosy family affair, and considering the indie poppets managed to have a romantic relationship all while maintaining their successful career means that fans shouldn’t be worried that married life will affect The Grates. It’s been a crazy and hectic couple of years for Patience Hodgson and John Patterson, the core partnership behind much-loved Brisbane indie rockers The Grates.Helmed by the enigmatic, sassy frontwoman Patience Hodgson, their sophisticated live show has as many twists and turns as the singer’s dance moves, unparalleled by any band in the country right now.