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“But you can have a healthy disagreement,” she adds. “If the Bears were to play the Steelers, then I’d support my team — but I wouldn’t start throwing beer bottles across the room if my team lost! Go commando, then show commando: Although she admits that proving to Bret that she didn’t wear underwear to dinner was “not necessarily for the whole world to see,” Lake says, “Sometimes a little teasing and flirting like that is fun. You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy.

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“And we talk more about that on the reunion show on Sunday.” And despite rumors that Michaels sports a wig under all the hats and bandannas he wears, Lake says, “I can definitely confirm that he does not wear a wig. “Daisy and I talked after the reunion show,” she says.“We really talked because she was hurt and I was hurt. Compliment his looks: “It doesn’t hurt to tell him that he’s hot every once in a while,” says Lake.It did not see great success until 1987, when Michaels convinced the band to film a video for their song, "Talk Dirty to Me".The album went platinum, and the band became famous.In 2006, Hit Parader ranked Michaels at #40 on their list of greatest Heavy metal singers of all-time.

Michaels began playing the guitar as a teenager, forming a band with drummer Rikki Rockett, bass player Bobby Dall and guitarist David Besselman.

1987 also saw the dissolution of his relationship with Lewis, who felt that fame had changed him.

Though Michaels contends that Lewis was unfaithful to him, Lewis (now Lewis Crosby) insists that it was Michaels who was unfaithful.

That same year, Michaels met 16-year-old Tracy Lewis, who would become both his girlfriend and the muse for one of his most memorable songs. De Ville, who would become both Michaels' friend and a source of conflict.

Eventually, Matt Smith tired of the band's struggle to find fame and returned home. Local publicity about the band eventually led to a record deal with Enigma Records, and their first album, Look What the Cat Dragged In.

Several songs into Poison's set, Michaels went into insulin shock and collapsed onstage.