Graph search and dating

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Facebook advanced search is more a concept than a function.

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Starting today, Facebook is rolling Graph Search out slowly, but more people should get it in the coming weeks and months. When you do gain access, you’ll see a notice at the top of your Facebook homepage to activate Graph Search and take a quick tour.

Then you’re free to start searching for things like: If you’re desperate: Single men in San Francisco If you want a nerd: Single women nearby who Like Star Wars If you need someone your parents will like: Single men in San Francisco Who Went To Harvard Or Stanford If you’re Korean, and your parents say your wife needs to be, too: Single women in San Francisco from Korea Hunting for cougars: Women in San Francisco older than 38 If you want someone kinky: Single women in San Francisco who Like 50 Shades Of Gray If you want to get beat up: My friends’ moms If you’re hungry right now: restaurants nearby that my friends have Liked If you’re a foodie: Restaurants in San Francisco Liked by Culinary Institute Of America graduates If you want to play it safe: Restaurants nearby that I have been to If you want something spicy: Restaurants in New York Liked by people from India If you want to dine like the locals: Restaurants in Paris, France Liked by people from Paris, France Baby photos: Photos of me and my siblings taken before 1990 When your parents were cool: Photos of my parents from 1970 to 1979 A photo collage for your best friend: Photos of me and Drew Olanoff Where you grew up: Photos taken by my friends in my hometown A very good year: Photos from 2012 I Liked A concert going buddy: My friends who live in New York City and who Like Vampire Weekend A night in: My friends nearby who Like Netflix and Arrested Development Hit the club: My friends nearby who Like dancing Who wants to sing some karaoke!?!

Each of those filters has additional sub-categories you can choose.

For example, under "friends," you can select one of these: Okay, let's look at a totally different example, this one involving Paula Deen and restaurants.

Running an advanced Facebook search like "people who live in Chicago, Illinois and are single and like cats" can produce so many results that you'll have to refine the query if you want to see any meaningful results.

The image above shows the typical people search filter box that is available on the results page for any query involving people.Then let’s look at some questions Google, Yelp, and Linked In couldn’t answer but Graph Search can.First things first, go to and click the button at the bottom to sign up for beta (or begin using it if you already have access).Two general filters you likely will use are "friends" and "like," since those refer to friend connections and use of the "like" button throughout Facebook.Also remember, it's smart to pay attention to the phrasing suggestions Facebook presents in a drop-down list whenever you start typing a query. Let's start with a general query not restricted to friends.There’s still a lot it can’t do, and plenty of phrases it doesn’t understand, but for version 1 of an attempt at a natural language search engine, Facebook didn’t do too badly.