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I'm from Russia and I'm an English teacher. Side note: I'm not very good with small talk and would like to keep s... I'll try anything once but fail twice before giving up. I don't know what I'm looking for, sadly I don't know what I want. 2018) Advertisments, ads and replies are owned by the poster. We are not responsible for them or the content they link to in any way.

I like pretty common things like travelling, reading and studying foreign languages of course. DON' T HAVE EITHER A GIRLFRIEND OR A GOOD FRIEND TOO. Married and looking for intelligent people with interest that can hold a conversation and write about their passions on a continual basis. Fit in maybe, feel wanted, close friend or just a time killer.

Prostitute prices in London are from -40 for street girls.

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New language is an absolutelly brand new world with its culture,traditions and every day routine. INTERESTS I play the acoustic guitar, and the piano, i do a bit of dancing and singing here and there. I AM NEW HERE WITH THE HOPE OF GETTING SOMEONE OF PURE HEART TO FILL UP THE VOID OF MY LIFE.

So I can say that my main hobby is to explore those new worlds. i classify as Queer but on the first meeting I'd be classified as lesbian(You can call me whatever you want). FOR FRIENDSHIP AGE DIFFERENCE IS NOT A MATTER I THINK. IF SOMEONE LIKES TO BE MY GIRLFRIENDS THEN MOST WELCOME.

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Take off those running shoes and give your legs and your heart a break.

" My main aim was to buy Ankara cos I am really lacking in that department plus I have only been to that market like twice since I’ve been in Lagos! Tweet The first thing I wanted was a wig, I just took out my fish-bone braids and I look like hakuna matata, well, mini hakuna matata and I need to wig out for the next one week so I went wig shopping, can I just say trying on wigs is the worst thing in the world especially when you’re all sweaty and everywhere is noisy. I gently strolled to another shop where I bought one ombre wig for 3500 naira pere and I bought this burgundy wig for 1500. I hope that this Tinubu Square is maintained because that na our problem for naija, zero maintenance culture. There's nothing you don't see in the market, that includes the red thongs my sister is holding up, 150 naira per pata.

The first wig I picked was so pretty but as soon as I was told it was 35k I dropped it like hot dodo!

From there we left off to eat, my sister told me about this Buka she had lunch a while ago and we started looking for the place oh, we nor know name and we kept asking people “oga abeg you know that mama put where dem dey sell salad and queue? I was quite surprised because the food was so good and cheap, compared to all these fast food places. They were organised and the food looked good, I could see why people would queue up for it. Panda things but aren't all these jewelry we buy from New Look and co panda? Ankara shopping time: I bought about five Ankara materials, so each material was 6 yards, we split the bill and will share each material, 3 yards each.