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Helena standing beside her boyfriend Paul Banks source: .The hip-hop DJ Banks and the charity worker Helena has been going strong since the very first day.

There were also rumors of Helena dating Leonardo Di Caprio.

Caprio although notorious for dating models didn't seem to care much about the rumors.

My boyfriend's always teasing me with, Here comes that Peruvian side!

, Christensen was appointed as the creative director of Nylon magazine.

Many of the photos taken by her have been featured in Nylon.

The beautiful Helena showcases her talents both in front and behind the camera.

Since Christensen and Banks have been a couple for a long time, but, are still not married, we can only wonder if it is the lack of 'marriage talk' in their relationship that's kept them together for so long.

Also, everyone wants to know, are Helena Christensen and Paul Banks getting married anytime soon?

Despite their fondness for each other the couple doesn't seem to have any plans for their marriage till now, and neither do they seem to get engaged anytime soon.

Helena and Paul during their walks out in New York source: Zimbio The couple also doesn't have any children together, but Paul does love to hang out with Christensen's son Mingus.

Helena Christensen was always known as the “boho” supermodel, so perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised to hear her talk languidly about her reprobate, weed-smoking teenage years in Denmark, of “watching porn when we were supposed to have been in church” and her views on female nakedness: “I love women’s bodies as much as you possibly can without being a lesbian.” Now 48, Christensen is famed for her honey skin and green eyes (the exotic combination of her half-Peruvian, half-Danish parentage), and, to be frank, her big boobs.