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Temples and sculptures are found all over the country right from the Gupta period upto recent times.These show architectural and artistic history of the Indians.

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After months of speculation and no actual confirmation from Evangeline or her long-term partner Norman, the pair were spotted carrying a newborn baby!Evangeline, Norman and their baby have been snapped on a number of occasions since May, despite all the secrecy before he was born.Since the modern historians have discarded most of the dynasties mentioned in the Puranas and Mahavira and Buddha are considered historical personalities, only those portions of the puranic dynastic lists have been accepted which are supplemented and supported by the Buddhist and Jaina literature.Jataka Stories Thus, Sangam texts are not merely artistic poems, they also provide a source of social-economic-political life of people living in the Deltaic Tamilnadu in the early Christian centuries.Gal’s great-great-grandfather Natan, whose family was from Jerusalem, had ancestors from Belarus and Lithuania, including evident descent from Talmudist Yisroel ben Shmuel of Shklov (1770-1839), who was born in Shklov, Lithuania.

Gal’s great-great-grandmother Hana was born in Jerusalem, to a father from Khislavichi, Russia, and a mother who was born in Jerusalem, to a father from Yassvein, Lithuania, and a mother from Jerusalem, who had ancestors in Lithuania and Belarus.

In April 2011, Evangeline announced she was taking a break from her busy acting career, with rumours speculating that she was taking maternity leave.

“I’m definitely planning on taking a break for a little while.

Greek Ambassadors: Book: “Periplus of the Erythrean Sea”by an anonymous author, who was a Greek, settled in Egypton the basis of his personal voyage of Indian coast in about A. He gives valuable information about the Indian coasts.

In addition to epigraphic and numismatic sources there are many other antiquarian remains which speak much about our past.

alum, who has a 4-year-old son named Kahekili with partner Norman Kali, is having an easy pregnancy so far.