Problems updating windows phone

When you open the app, it checks your phone and lets you know if it’s eligible to install the upgrade, if an update is required before you can install the upgrade, or if your phone can’t be upgraded.If your phone is eligible to install the upgrade, you may need to free up some space to get it.At last after a long wait, from today Microsoft has started rolling out Windows 10 Mobile to some selected Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

So let us check step-by-step how to upgrade your Windows Phone 8.1 device to Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft has released a list of Windows Phone 8.1 devices that are supported for the upgrade.

Some apps and features may only work with Wi-Fi, depending on your device settings, or your mobile data plan.

If your camera upload is taking too long to set up or look for photos, without giving any error message, it could be because you have too many photos in your camera roll.

The Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade Advisor app helps you find out if your Windows Phone 8.1 phone is eligible to install the upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile.

It can also help free up space on your phone so you’re ready to install the upgrade.

The availability of Windows 10 Mobile as an upgrade for existing Windows Phone 8.1 devices will vary by device manufacturer, device model, country or region, mobile operator or service provider, hardware limitations, and other factors.

Microsoft Lumia Support has also released a video showing how to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile.

Once the process is complete, you may have to reboot the phone.

Once the upgrade is done, enjoy the new much improved Windows 10 Mobile. Please check that if it gets updated 10586.164 else repeat to check for updates again.

Open the Upgrade Advisor app, click on the ‘next’ and it will start checking and once the check is complete, it will show the screen 3 (below) if your phone is ready and supports and Windows 10 upgrade is available to install on your phone. If your Phone supports and it shows Windows 10 upgrade is available to install on your phone, then go to Settings Phone Update to download and install Windows 10.