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They were, as they styled themselves, 'the progressives' of the lodge.

All were interested in the wider issues of politics and were keen readers of the pamphlet literature of the period.

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It is now known as Coleg Harlech and annually provides residential courses on social subjects for mainly working class adult students.Thus Davison was in touch with the workers' educational movement before he had any connection with the White House at Ammanford.Its members were almost entirely young miners and the group concerned itself with free intellectual and political discussion.There was nothing remarkable about it except perhaps that it had a permanent building of its own – the 'White House' of the title of this paper.The White House did function for a time as Davison had intended.

Speakers of various religious denominations and various political opinions were invited to address meetings which were often open to the public and were well attended.The acquisition and use of the building provides a convenient focus for the story of the group.In its other features the story simply reflects the forces which were at work generally in society and could probably apply to other groups in many parts of Britain.In the course of a sociological inquiry in South West Wales the activities of one such group of enthusiasts were mentioned several times in connection with political development in the area, and it was thought that a more complete investigation of the history of the group might be worth while.The group referred to was formed just before the first World War and operated for about ten years in the anthracite mining town of Ammanford, not far from Swansea in South Wales.If their memories are to be trusted, the district received and listened to a constant stream of missionaries representing in turn the Miners' Federation, the Central Labour College, the Workers' Educational Association, the I. They remember too the crowds, the excitement and examples of powerful oratory. There is documentary evidence that the two brothers were in fact American Christian Socialist missionaries from California, and it is likely that they appeared at meetings organized by various bodies. It was in fact during the railway strike of 1911 and on the day that the army was called out to restore order in Llanelly. was unsuccessful and continued his efforts with his own political discussion group. At the same time another miner from a neighbouring colliery, D. O[wen] (a checkweigh-man), was attending Ruskin College, and they both met Davison there; there is little doubt that the two Ruskin students formed the link between the Ammanford group and Davison.