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[April 2005]In 1995, Shawn was out with Sean Waltmen and Davey Boy Smith in Syracuse, New York.Some guys told the 3 to follow them, so they did and were led into a club."Since reforming D-Generation X with Triple H, the out-of-control faction has been 3-0, defeating the Spirit Squad at Vengeance, the Mc Mahons at Summer Slam and Finlay, Regal and Kennedy on Raw.

He is expected back around late December/early Janurary [November 2004]Back in the World Heavyweight Championship with Royal Rumble winner Chris Benoit and World Heavyweight Champion Triple H and will meet these two people in a triple threat match at Wrestlemania XX [February 2004]Lost to Kurt Angle at Wrestle Mania 21 when he tapped out to Kurt Angle's ankle lock.

And now promises that there will/might be a rematch between the two, most likely at WWE Summerslam, which is the next time the Raw & Smackdown brand have a joint production Pay-Per-View.

Since 1989, Michaels has become one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the WWF, and later WWE since 2002.

His net worth rose with every new contract he signed with the World Wrestling Entertainment, eventually becoming the main source of his net worth.

Michaels woke up in a hospital room and was told by then WWF wrestlers Sunny and Chris Candido that he arrived at their hotel room.

Vince Mc Mahon wasn't pleased with Michaels and had him drop the Intercontinental Title to Dean "Shane" Douglas.

[August 2006]D-Generation X lost their match against Edge and Randy Orton at Cyber Sunday.

The referee voted in for the match was Eric Bischoff.

He graduated from Randolph High School, where his athleticism came on display; he excelled in various sports, mostly football, and eventually he became the captain of the team.

Following graduation, he enrolled Southwest Texas State University, however, he soon realized that studying was not for him, and eventually dropped out of college in order to pursue the career of a wrestler.

He began to train with the legendary Mexican wrestler Jose Lothario, and soon had his debut in the National Wrestling Alliance, under his adopted name of Shawn Michaels.