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It has been said that at night you can see a women walking up and down the halls of the middle school, a former principle.

Sometimes she is walking by herself and sometimes she is pulling a student by his ear along with her.

Just want to talk scholarship and learn more about what other people are doing at UMBC?

Come to MIPAR's researcher's speed dating to experience a rapid fire researcher introduction process that may just help you meet that perfect research match.

This home used to be a slave home built in 1700 or 1800's.

There have been numerous sightings by staff over the years.....

Have a great research idea, but no one to collaborate with?

Looking for a specialist and don't know if they exist on campus?

The home is now used as an assisted living home for the elderly.

You'll hear and see ghosts from the far and not so distant past.

Whether you are newly out or waving the Pink/Purple/Blue flag for decades, the chances to meet other Bi folks can be tough.

Too often Bi identies get erased from both LGBTQ events and cis/hetro events. So come on out for a low-key, fun night where you will meet a bunch of other folks and perhaps a special someone, AND raise funds for a great cause.

Reports of lights being on inside with no power at all, also 5 years ago they tried to make it into a senior center but something scared them away after 2 months.