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Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the biggest cause of sight loss and the older we are, the greater our risk. We provide free information and services to improve the lives of people affected and fund research so that one day we can overcome macular disease.

Our team of volunteer speakers and staff cover the UK so if you would like an inspiring and informative talk about looking after your vision please contact Stella Black.

For jazz fans, as the author of George Chisholm’s biography, Bob has many tales of George’s incredible dual career as trombonist and comedian.

Based in Surrey, Bob charges £70 40p per mile travelling expenses and will always consider short-notice bookings nationwide.

The team explains how the Navy is organised into six fighting arms, each with a distinct role to play.

It then explains why the UK needs the Royal Navy: the importance of credible defence, how the Navy promotes and protects our interests abroad, and ensures the world’s sea trading routes are kept open.Roy is a professional speaker having delivered motivational, educational and humorous talks to various audiences worldwide over the last three decades.He is currently focusing his energies into delivering inspirational and informative talks to Probus and other similar clubs on a weekly basis.If you would like to book a visiting speaker (no charge) please call if you are in Scotland: 01 or for the rest of the UK 08 or book online at CHILD RESCUE Hello to all the UK PROBUS clubs.I am the founder of El Shaddai Charitable Trust Ltd rescuing Street Children in India.MAF began just after the Second World War with former RAF personnel with one small aircraft in the Sudan.