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That said, going from XP to 7 is a pretty big leap so I wouldn’t take it too casually.Is there any supporting software (e.g., database back-ends, etc.)? @yodon As I mentioned it is file transfer system, it does not connect to regular database like SQL, Oracle as such.In a few simple steps you can bypass Windows Validation, and the resulting "Limited or No Connectivity" issue on an encrypted connection.

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With the release of Service Pack 3 some limited functionality for SHA2 was added to the crypto module This includes the following SHA2 hashes: SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512. Windows Server 2003: We recommend that you contact your server vendor for further assistance installing suggested hotfix from Microsoft.FMEA is just one tool; a Fault Tree Analysis is also a way to organize thoughts. Are you receiving an endless "Validating Identity" connection status when trying to connect to a wireless network.Home Edition, etc.): You have now succesfully configured Windows XP to connect to eduroam network.

In order to connect to eduroam network in future, simply bring up Wireless Network Connection window by double-clicking its icon in the tray bar [4], select eduroam network and click on Connect.

If your network is Encrypted go on to step 6 otherwise Click ok and try to connect to your network again.

In this window make sure you are in the "Association" tab.

If so, you may need to re-visit the IQ and ensure that all the supporting software still is expected to play well with the upgrade (these may also require an upgrade and/or may have use limits with the new OS). If so, you may want to consider some effort to ensure complete and accurate migration. Instead the backend is open source flat file where data is stored in structured folders which is accessed by the application only.

Sounds like you have a good foundation (congratulations! Consider something along the lines of an FMEA to identify what might go wrong and then you can structure any testing (or justify limited testing) on that. However, the risk is that the system is build on very old technology delphi and has serious issues in terms of memory usage. I am still to analyze how compatible the technology is in terms of OS migration.

I dont think I need to execute all the test cases again or revise all the documents for the current operating system update? There’s no hard and fast rule here, the level of testing required will be dictated by the results of the Risk Assessment on this update…that should detail to some degree the risk involved.