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Prior to this, my dad was in the OSS during WWII under the command of John Ford, the Hollywood film director's unit.

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My parents lived in Hollywood, California, where I was born. Every post and station has a morale office of which Dad appeared to be assigned to as Photographers Mate First Class.

From what I understand, Dad worked in the "public relations" sector and at the base newspaper, THE KODIAK BEAR.

I was the photographer that went to take pics of that crash...

was flown in a coast guard helicopter to take basic locating pictures, then trudged up the hill with the preliminary investigating team, taking pics as they directed...

Dad is credited as Editor Photographer and/or Staff Photographer.

There are copies of the newspapers during his time included iin the album along with other newspapers like THE MIDNIGHT SUN, which promoted theatricals Dad was part of.i drove a 1947 mercury which needed some work done on it...i had no garage, but chief horn lived just down the street and he had a garage...Participated in the Buskin river raft race back when they had mandatory beer stops. Dan Martin, USCG, RM1 retired, and still living in Alaska, all be it, SE.Surprised no on got hurt or died in that operation. Date: Mon, -0600 From: shaneluck67 at gmail dot com Joe, Thanks so much for your website and the updates on Spruce Cape.It was my first duty station from June 1987 through December 1988.