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If you want to see some funny, weird and effed up questions about boners, here’s 12 questions from Yahoo Answers to indulge in.

We can probably assume that this guy is talking about cis-gender girls because NEWSFLASH: THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO IDENTIFY AS GIRLS WHO HAVE PENISES.

If you sign up for a Yahoo ID, you can create an Answers profile so you can answer questions, comment and vote on answers you see.

When you type Yahoo into your browser's address bar and press "Enter," you arrive at a page that appears to discuss every possible subject.

Getting Web apps to work correctly in all browsers can be challenging.

Yahoo, unlike some Web companies, solves this problem by giving Web developers free access to its massive Yahoo User Interface Library.

If you have a question, it's possible that one of the millions of Yahoo users has answered it at Yahoo's Answers site.

Visit this site and browse categories, ask questions and view answers people have asked and answered.In my early teens, I was friends with these boys that I would always chat with on the phone. As a naturally curious girl (AKA nosy as hell), sometimes I’d make the conversation drift into one of my favorite subjects: Anatomy. Some competing email services do not provide this type of messaging capability.Although you can send instant messages from your Yahoo Mail page, you have the option to install Yahoo Messenger on your computer and mobile phone.While the Yahoo Store isn't free, plenty of other helpful free services are a click away.