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Davis for the use of his show title and show concept. Davis, the network allegedly never provided an agreement that reflected the terms of their alleged verbal agreement throughout the entire period of Flip This House's first-season production. Davis, "A&E defrauded and misappropriated and stole the project for A&E's own use and benefit, and merely changed the name so as not to have to pay for the show concept." Allegedly it wasn't until around March 2006 that Mr.Davis learned that A&E had decided to produce and air another season of Flip this House without using his services (which he would not have agreed to anyway, since he was never paid for the first season). Davis with "powerful" free advertising for his company, "Trademark".In addition, he even claimed to sell another home that he didn't own.

After the second season of Flip This House, A&E decided to change direction and focus on different cast members, as we did after the first season when another controversial situation happened, and we no longer work with Mr. Last night I found myself with some time on my hands so I thought I would stop by the A&E's website and take a look at the Season 4 Premiere of Flip This House.A&E also alleged that it only moved forward with a second season after Davis announced that he was launching a new reality show with the TLC cable television network.The case was resolved by a jury and Davis was awarded million, an amount equal to half of the profits from the first season of Flip This House. From June 2008, The Real Estate Pros was on hiatus and was not airing.The site comments go on to talk about how Armando claims that he has flipped over 1,000 homes. It was interesting to read that others who had posted in that forum were able to verify with court documents that Armando and his wife Veronica had filed for divorce in 2003, and that he is currently in bankruptcy.

According to what I read, he only earns 0 through disability per month.They leave the public believing that here is a guy who owns a company that was able to buy this house for ,000 and low and behold after a quick cleanup, paint, new carpets, they turn around and sell it for 5k thus pocketing k in profits.The program never mentions how many days it took for that property to sell or, if it was able to sell at all..may very well still be on the market!I pulled up another browser window and googled "armando montelongo"..of the sites that came up was called "Flip This Lawsuit" this website immediately caught my eye and I went right to it.This website is dedicated to the discussion of Armando Montelongo, his Master Home Study Course and his series of Flip and Grow Rich Ebooks. It touched on several of the issues I already found irritating about the show, at the end of the show they never tell the public about all of the other associated costs that went into the deal, such as; holding costs, realtor commissions paid, taxes paid, settlement costs, etc.His "Leccima Real Estate Company" was one of two real estate firms that the show's second season followed.